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All business undertaken by Gown Bridal with its customers shall be subject to these terms and conditions. These conditions shall be incorporated in the contract to the exclusion of any terms and conditions stipulated or referred to by customers. No variation or amendment of these conditions or oral promise or commitment related to them shall be valid unless committed to writing and signed by or on the behalf of both parties.

1. Upon ordering, a non-refundable booking fee as agreed is required in the respect of all the gowns, accessories and any other service agreed to. This is not refundable in any circumstance.

2. Goods ordered cannot be exchanged and money will not be refunded or transferred to other orders.

3. Ownership of all items and goods remains with gown Bridal until full payment is made.

4. Risk in goods shall be transferred to the customer immediately on delivery to the customer, or in custody on the behalf whichever is sooner. Once the items have left our premises, we are no longer able to insure the items against loss, theft, damage or any other incident.

5. No claim for damages will be accepted once the goods have left the premises of Gown Bridal and the buyer must satisfy themselves as to the condition of the goods and immediate draw our attention to any defects or discrepancies. We will not be liable for any defects or discrepancies subsequently discovered.

6. Gown Bridal will store your dress/ accessories for an agreed period.

7. A booking fee will be taken for all orders, with an agreed date for the final balance to be paid & no dresses will be ordered until the final balance has been paid in full. All our gowns are bespoke and made to measure so once full payment has been made. The order is then unique to each customer and no refund or exchange can be given.

8. Unless a fixed date for the supply of goods has been agreed and stated at the time of purchase, the customer is agreeing to the supply of goods taking a nominated lead time, this can vary from item to item. Often taking 6 months.

9. Once measurements have been taken, we will advise if a stock size or made to measure. At this point we will discuss any weight loss of gain with an agreement to adjust the size ordered. Both parties are to agree to the sizes and any additional weigh loss or gain will be the responsibility of the customer. Any additional alterations required to take in the dress or alter due to weight loss or weight gain will incur an alterations charge. This service of alterations does not have to be carried out at Gown Bridal. We will not stand any charges for internal alterations unless agreed. Equally if the customer goes elsewhere are receives an additional cost, we will not accept any liability for these costs.

10. Orders for gowns that are non-standard measurements will be discussed at the time of order and agreements made for additional charges or additional cost involved.

11. In the event that the customer requires any alterations to goods supplied by Gown Bridal, a reasonable additional charge will be paid. The amount will be agreed by the customer in advance and monies will be paid as a separate transaction. The customer is agreeing to subcontract the alterations within an agreed time frame and costing.

12. Alterations undertaken are agreed and the work is carried out. Alterations are made to each purchase with the buyer’s full awareness of risk to the garment. Excessive alterations made from personal choice to amend the items hold the risk of compromising the garment or item in question. E.g. reduction of a dress more than 1/2 sizes can vastly alter the fit of the gown and may not sit as intended.

13. Bespoke designs must have a tolerance where elements of the design are open to interpretation, if from a photograph, drawing or image. All attempts will be made to supply as agreed but matching exact like for like is not possible.  Bespoke designs must have a tolerance where elements of the design are open to interpretation, if from a photograph, drawing or image. All attempts will be made to supply as agreed but matching exact like for like is not possible.

14. Gown Bridal will not copy any other designers work.

15. The seller agrees to the customer advice and guidance in the choices of design, size, colour and measurements of the gown and accessories. However, the customer shall decide such matter and the seller accepts no responsibility for the choice made, nor any problem which result from any change in the customers instructions, decrease increase in weight, design change or change of mind.

16. Gown Bridal purchase from only reputable suppliers and whilst every effort is made to ensure colour swatches are as sold. There will be a slight variance in shades of colours which is out of our control. Gown bridal cannot be accountable for this tolerance as its industry wide.

17. Gown bridal shall only be obliged to carry out services during normal working hours, or agreed timings made by the seller and customer.

18. Rush cut orders will require an additional payment to cover the fee charged. This varies from supplier and will be advised when orders are being placed.

19. In the unlikely event of fire, flood or theft, Gown Bridal is not responsible for the loss of any funds except the retail price paid for your goods and accessories. No compensation can be provided for the loss of items due to stress or other related issues.

20. Gown Bridal are not responsible for any third-party recommendations. This is a contract between the customer and the supplier. Gown Bridal do not have any affiliations with any companies for profit.

21. It shall be the responsibility of the customer to ensure that all requirements applicable to the contract, whether statutory, regulatory, municipal and / or otherwise howsoever are duly complied with.

22. SALE ITEMS purchased in the sale are paid for as agreed. Sale items are non-returnable and sold with the understanding they will have been samples in the shop and may have wear are tear elements. All sale items are sold as seen with no monetary refund offered.

23. CANCELLED WEDDINGS It is the responsibility of the customer to inform Gown Bridal. Garments ordered/ put aside constitutes a contract entered, garments must be paid for in full and collected within 3 months of the wedding date. Gown bridal as the seller are entering you the customer into a contract with the supplier of the items. We Gown Bridal have also entered into the contract to supply the goods with no cancellation. As soon as a booking fee has been taken this is non refundable and the customer is agreeing to make final payment for the goods. Gown Bridal are not obliged to cancel any orders even if dates are in advance of the initial order being taken from the customer.

24. Accessories bought must be checked at the time of purchase, as soon as they leave the premises no exchanges or refunds will be given.

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